About Us

Brotherhood Sports was founded in early 2016 with the mindset of helping teams find quality products at a great price, and with a reliable and honest turnaround. Founder Trevor Thompson spent many years on the 'other side of things' as a coach. Because of this, he understands how important it is to treat coaches and teams with the level of customer service that he always expected himself.

Brotherhood is built around the mentality that everyone is in this together - without our customers, we are nothing. As The Brotherhood grows, we all grow...it is a bond that we are obligated to hold to one another as occupants of this planet. Go out and take care of one another.

Why "Brotherhood"?

Brotherhood is an idea, a lifestyle...the way in which you treat others. Through all the years of running different softball teams, it was always our mantra - brotherhood. We always had team rules that made sure that families were put first, sports second, and when you hit those times where life gets rough and you need to lean on others for help...that's where your Brothers come in.


"We're here to help you, that's what Brotherhood is all about.  Our customers are paramount to us, and we understand that we can't do it without you!  Let us know how we can get your team on the right track!"